Alaska Factory


Alaska Ice Factory is one of those highly reputable and renowned industries when it comes to producing and selling of ice tubes. Since its operation starts in 1986 in Riyadh having capacity of 75 tons a day, the market was initially few serving local establishments around Riyadh and nearby cities where its first factory was built. In a span of four years, due to increasing demand of ice in the market accompanied by hard work, commitment and teamwork of employer & employees, expansion took place, and additional ice plants were built in places like Jeddah in 1990 producing 175 tons a day, Dawadmi (Middle of Saudi Arabia) in 1992 having capacity of 200 tons a day, being the largest plant, United Arab Emirates (Sharjah ) in 2001 having a capacity of 75 tons a day and just recently another ice plant in Al Kharaj City with 200 tons a day. There is also a new factory to be opened in Jeddah with a capacity of 300 tons a day. From then on Alaska Ice is not just supplying a few but with a vast number of customers from small cafeteria to big and well known supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, caterings, airports and many other establishments in which our ice could possibly reached.

Our service does not end by simply supplying, thus customers’ satisfaction is our primary concern. Serving them with nothing but a high quality and hygienic ice tube is the basic standards we have set. And this is the very reason that is why all ice we produce is coming from sweet drinking water which we maintain a standard Total Dissolved Solid TDS measurement of 110 PPM.

To meet the quality standards, we seek the help of an external expert HACCP and undergo training on proper food handling and personal hygiene to follow hygiene and safety standards set by some governing body. After complying of the requirements and with a fast learning team, HACCP certificate has been issued to the company. HACCP became our measuring tool in ensuring the quality of our product through strategic and strict implementation of our internal quality control system.


Having a well equipped and highly skilled manpower we were able to meet the demand of our customers. Good facility, high- end ice making machine, reliable quality of freezers provided to our customers and well maintained factory storage temperature -18°C and good manufacturing practice, keep us from growing. Ice carriers’ suits to transport our ice wherever you are, in a manner that prevents damage and contamination of the ice, ingredient and packaging materials. We maintain our thermo king temperature with a -18°C, to assure the customers purchased product will still reach its destination without depriving the same quality as it was before it is being transported.


As years passed and with continued innovation and good business relation with our customers, suppliers and employees, Alaska Ice has proven to have a remarkable contribution in the growth of business industry in the country, help reduced the enlarging number of unemployed people in other countries by way of employing them and shows undeniable potential in servicing our customers with high quality ice tubes, Alaska Ice continue to make its own name and build trust with its increasing customers.


Inspired by the outcome by which the company is performing in terms of investment turnover and more of with the positive feedback of the market, we tighten our commitment to our customers to always serve them according to their requirements and satisfaction by keeping our ice in accordance of quality standards and principles.



To challenge our own capability and strength to sustain the stability of business from keep going along with our competitive competitor and be able to come up with great innovative ideas in meeting our customers’ requirements with pleasure and satisfaction without sacrificing the quality of our ice supplied locally and hopefully soon to our would- be international markets.



To produce and provide a high quality and hygienic ice to supply in the market and established a good partnership with our customers imparting the virtue of reliance, competence, trust and integrity. In order to achieve this mission, Alaska Ice commit to the following:

  1. Ensure and prioritize the consumers’ satisfaction in every bag of ice we provide from smallest scale industry to the largest one.
  2. Secure the best quality and hygienic ice by choosing reliable supplier.
  3. Continuous training of hygiene and safety standards.
  4. Dominate the ice industry in form of good reputation and leadership in producing high quality ice tubes.